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Apr 15, 2010 9:00am EDT
toyotas. such is the scope of hope and change in president obama's universe. the editorial goes on to say, in his 2011 budget the president zeroed out nasa constellation project, the project of launch and landing vehicles that were to replace the aging space shuttle fleet to carry americans into space. this is not a cost-cutting move. the agency is budgeted to receive $19 billion next year. and mr. obama wants to throw an additional $6 billion at it over the next five years. the hitch is he wants to shift its mission toward climate research and airplane design. anxious to stay relevant, nasa agreed to research the cause of toyota's sudden acceleration problem. nasa administrator charles bolden said thursday that federal money is budgeted for fostering the growth of the space industry including the development of space taxis. but if the results of the president's stimulus are any indication, command economic policy is an inefficient generator of jobs. it goes on to say, as nasa's wings are clipped, our competitors soar. the u.s. space agency even had to sign a $340 million deal with
Apr 28, 2010 9:00am EDT
burden came to light recently in the context of the tragic toyota crashes. during hearings held by chairman rockefeller in the commerce committee, we learned that although toyotas were equipped with e.d.r.'s, until recently they were only able to be read by one computer in the entire united states. that's why in addition to requiring the recorders in all vehicles for sale in the united states, the vehicle safety improvements act will also require that recorders be easily read by a universal tool, regardless of make or model of the vehicle. in addition, nhtsa's rule also fails to address medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. my legislation would require nhtsa to issue a rule addressing those vehicles as well. while they comprise a small percentage of the vehicle miles traveled on an annual basis, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles are overrepresented in crashes result ing in fatalities. in these crashes, an event data recorder would be a useful tool during the crash investigation in dirge the cause of the crash. -- in determining the cause of the crash. my bill protects privacy by assuring
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2